New in the gun vault: Nighthawk Custom pistols

Considering the high demand for the quality Manurhin revolvers, I have decided to bring to my customers the greatly regarded custom Colt 1911 made by Nighthawk.

They are manufactured in Arkansas, with high grade material, state-of-the-art machining equipment and a “one gun, one gunsmith” true custom approach.

I appreciate the tight fitting tolerances that give the guns a “monolithic” feel and the super crisp finish.

The feedbacks from the pistolsmiths, the professional press and the Colt 1911 aficionados are all stellar.

You can find more pictures and the description of the 3 models I have in stock in the gun vault menu.  Don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any question.



New and exclusive !!!

JJ Perodeau exclusive     :    Chapuis Serie 3 22 Hornet Double Rifle.

Ejector , 21 ¾ “ barrels , weight is 7 Lbs. and up depending on

wood density , scope and mounts , swivels etc….

Choice of action finish: French grey, Case color hardened, blued.

4 star wood with possible upgrade all to way to exhibition grade,

cut  to customer’s preferred dimensions

Deep floral engraving on action , with possible custom game scene

on action bottom.

One way to have one of the most exotic plinkers on the block,

it is also perfect to introduce kids and ladies to the joy

of double rifle shooting

From $8,200.00

Don’t hesitate to call or send us an email if you have any question !


Please find below a link to a document you can print, complete and add to your package when you send a repair to JJ.

We hope it can make things easier and save some time to everyone!

Whenever possible, please send the whole gun

with NO accessories (snap caps, lens covers, slings, lace up combs and pads).

Also please, do not use peanuts to pack your items.

Packing peanuts are extremely messy and we get rid of them as soon as they come, whereas we can always reuse bubble wrap and foam sheets.

Thank you for your understanding!

 Gun repair sheet