357/38 MR73 revolvers

Manurhin revolvers are now available in all barrels lengths. We have received a shipment from France and we have 3″, 4″, 5 1/4″ and 6″ MR73s. Let us know if you are interested!

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New website for 4StableSticks®

We are pleased to introduce a new website specially dedicated to the 4StableSticks® shooting sticks: www.4stablesticks.net ! Please go take a look at it and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any question. Every model is in stock right now and will ship within a day or 2 of the order. We hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe!

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Stay well!

We hope everyone is staying well during this challenging time.
There are lots and lots of amazing people out there, whether they are healthcare providers, or people working to keep our life as normal as possible, or helping those in need. When people get together, anything is possible. The United States of America will defeat this enemy and get through this!!! Blessings to you all!

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Listings on Guns International

If you would like to see all the listings we have on Guns International, in the “advanced search” menu at the top of the page, type “JJ Perodeau” in the Seller’s screen name section, press enter and they all will appear. You can find all the guns posted there with more pictures.

Type jj perodeau in the Seller’s Screenname section
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Online store

The online store is ready. You can now use the checkout option for the shooting sticks. We will soon (within 2 weeks or so) receive some Mountain models. They are out of stock for now. Please let us know if have any question. You can call (580) 747-1805 or send an email to jj@jjperodeau.com. Thank you!

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Setting up a shopping cart option

Dear Customers & Friends, we are excited to announce that we are in the process of setting up a way for everyone to shop online, especially for the 4StableStick shooting sticks we are carrying. They have been a great success at the Dallas Safari Club and being able to sell and buy them directly online would be a plus for everyone. Please be patient. Everything should be ready within the end of the week. We will keep you posted.

Regarding the guns for sale in the gun vault, we would like to remind everyone that they have to go to another FFL / gun dealer. The guns will not be shipped directly to a private buyer. They may be paid for online once the set up is finished but please contact us before the transaction for all the details of the shipping process and cost.

Thank you all for your patience and support!

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                                                                          Merry Christmas to you all!
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manurhin revolvers

We have received a shipment from France of Manurhin revolvers. We have now in stock some MR73 models in 4″, 5 1/4″ and 6″ barrels. Also available are some MR38 Match and even one MR32 Match !

This is your opportunity to become a proud owner of a legendary Manurhin revolver. You will enjoy the accuracy and smoothness of what will remain the world’s sweetest shooting revolver for many years to come.

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Going West

Tom Shaw left us on June 10, 2019. Before joining the Champlin and JJ Perodeau Gunmaker team, Tom flew primarly for Braniff Airlines logging many hours with them as a Captain For the last 25 years, he loaded thousands of rounds for our customers. Avid African hunter himself, Tom crafted every single round like if it was for his own hunt. He was my mentor as I was discovering hunting in the States, my hunting buddy and part of my family. He will be missed.

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Range analysis

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