manurhin revolvers

We have received a shipment from France of Manurhin revolvers. We have now in stock some MR73 models in 4″, 5 1/4″ and 6″ barrels. Also available are some MR38 Match and even one MR32 Match !

This is your opportunity to become a proud owner of a legendary Manurhin revolver. You will enjoy the accuracy and smoothness of what will remain the world’s sweetest shooting revolver for many years to come.

Going West

Tom Shaw left us on June 10, 2019. Before joining the Champlin and JJ Perodeau Gunmaker team, Tom flew primarly for Braniff Airlines logging many hours with them as a Captain For the last 25 years, he loaded thousands of rounds for our customers. Avid African hunter himself, Tom crafted every single round like if it was for his own hunt. He was my mentor as I was discovering hunting in the States, my hunting buddy and part of my family. He will be missed.

4StableStick shooting sticks

New from France: 4StableStick

An innovative shooting stick that offers a stability practically equal to a shooting bench.

Amazingly, it weighs only 1.5 Lbs. on average and once folded, it will fit in a gun case or on the dashboard of your truck.

It is easily adjustable in height, windage and elevation. .

I have tested it with double rifles and it does NOT affect the regulation.

Offered as follows:

Model: Bush stick Light Carbon


29 oz.


20.30 oz. 19.75 oz.
Material: T6 aluminium nylon reinforced fiber glass T6 aluminium nylon reinforced fiber glass Carbon fiber + nylon reinforced fiber glass
Size disassembled: 35.5″ 35.5″ 35.5″




We are taking orders now.

The first delivery is expected in December.

We will have samples at the coming Tulsa Gun Show

on November 10 & 11 and at the Dallas Safari Club in January.





Please call or email if you have any question!

More Manurhin revolvers available

Are you ready to become a proud owner of a Manurhin revolver?

Pick yours:

We have just received some MR73’s in 4″, 5 1/4″ and 6″ barrels.

Also available, MR38 Match 38SP cal 5 3/4″ barrel.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested!

Brand new Manurhin revolvers in stock, available now!

Just arrived from France, Manurhin MR73 Sport

5 1/4 ” or 6″  in 357/38 with Traush Grip,

Delivered with cleaning tool kit.

Price is $3,200 delivered to your local FFL gun dealer

with payment by credit card.

Also, 2 styles of wood grips available.

Call JJ at (580) 747-1805 or email at

to get yours.

Thank you!

New in the gun vault: Nighthawk Custom pistols

Considering the high demand for the quality Manurhin revolvers, I have decided to bring to my customers the greatly regarded custom Colt 1911 made by Nighthawk.

They are manufactured in Arkansas, with high grade material, state-of-the-art machining equipment and a “one gun, one gunsmith” true custom approach.

I appreciate the tight fitting tolerances that give the guns a “monolithic” feel and the super crisp finish.

The feedbacks from the pistolsmiths, the professional press and the Colt 1911 aficionados are all stellar.

You can find more pictures and the description of the 3 models I have in stock in the gun vault menu.  Don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any question.