Whether your gun needs a good cleaning, restoration, a pad, a scope or red dot, a regulation or a major repair, please call JJ at (580) 747-1805 or send an email at to get a quote.

About consignment
In most cases, JJ needs to see the gun to determine its value. Once the selling price is agreed, we will give the gun a lot of exposure with an accurate description and quality pictures on the internet. We ask a 15% fee if the value is above $1,500, 20% if it is under $1,500. 

Mechanical Evaluation
Includes checking chambers, bores condition and size, condition of the action and locks, fit and strength of the stock. The gun will also be shot with a reasonable load, inline with the proof house marking. JJ will also tell you what he knows about the gun and his maker.

Minimum Charge

Shop Hours
$200 per hour

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